Saturday, October 29, 2016

What A First Week!

Well, where does one begin, I guess you would say right here, so here we go.

As I entered the center this past Monday, I entered with excitement and "Oh dear God be with me!" Jackie was the first person I saw and with her wonderful smile, God put my fears to rest. So as the day when on, many things crossed my path, from learning paperwork, answering the phones,how to enter clients into the computer, sending emails out, putting donor information in the computer, going to the bank and oh yes, then there was lunch! If memory serves me correct, I took a client or two that afternoon.

Monday night I met 2 wonderful ladies that do our Post Abortion Recovery Program, which is so dear to my heart and I was very pleased to give them some information on what I learned as a facilitator in many classes that I did at the centers I either worked at or volunteered at.
I worked with the ladies on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning with EWYL( Earn While You Learn), that it itself is an huge undertaking. Watching these clients learning and seeing a few precious little babies, makes the work sweeter.

So as the week when on, I was swimming in information and you know the funny part about this is, on Thursday Jackie said "Are you over loaded yet?" I said back to her, "why does that deer in the headlights give it away."

 As Friday rolled around, Jackie and I worked on e-mail blast, learning more paperwork, answering phones and making appointments for clients calling us. As I look back on this past week, my heart is heavy thinking about all the volunteers we need so so desperately, to help with all the different arms of this wonderful awesome ministry. My prayer is all the volunteers we have now, will seek out people in their churches more then ever before, to help us go shoulder to shoulder as we Glorify our King!
 So now here it is 4:00 pm, Friday afternoon and I am typing to get this e-mail out to everyone, but as the time is getting away from me, it will most likely go out on Monday. I thank God for placing me in this position as Executive Director, asking Him to give me wisdom, guidance,direction,a calm heart,to help me focus on the job He has laid before me.

The week of the 17th-21st we had for clients:
Pregnancy Tests- 7
I believe I got the numbers correct, I am still learning, so I ask for mercy and a lot of grace!

I came across these verses in Proverbs 24: 3-4
vs 3-Through wisdom a house is built
       and by understanding it is established
vs 4- By knowledge the rooms are filled
        with all precious and pleasant riches.

Now I do not want to take scripture out of context, but when I read this, it so spoke to my heart about this center. So with that scripture in mind,in my own thoughts------we know our house is built and we understand why we have been established, We have the knowledge that our rooms are to be filled, with those precious clients, babies, the people coming to Christ, the women turning to Jesus Christ for healing from the trauma of their past abortion( let us not forget the men) and looking at the riches that God is bestowing to this little yellow house on Grace Ave and at our location at the beach.

HIS servant for LIfe
Pati Adams- Executive Director

Up Coming Events:

Looking for Volunteers!!!
When? Saturday October 29,2016
Where? Family of God Baptist Church
            901 E.Business 98
            Panama City, Fla
 Time?  10am- 2pm
 See Pati or Jackie for more information

Saturday, November 12, 2016
Volunteer Training from 8:30-4:30pm
(breakfast and lunch will be provided).
This will be a fun time of learning,fellowship
and seeing how God will use you to further
His Kingdom! Talk to your peeps at church
you may be surprised who will be interested!!
Have them come in to talk with Pati or Jackie

Saturday, November 19, 2016
Grills Gone Wild
This event will take place at St.Andrews Marina.
We will be handing out yummy ice cream to all
who come by to visit our booth and we can tell them
about all the awesome things we do here at the center.
Questions, please see Pati or Jackie.

Sanctity of Human Life(SOHL) is
Sunday January 15,2016
We are looking for speakers to talk to churches or
if you would like to speak at your church, we can
give you the information you need.
Please see Pati or Jackie

Banquet!! Thursday March 30, 2017
Did someone say Banquet? Yep, this is that time of year
that we have to start preparing for this awesome event.We are looking for volunteers. More to be announced, but if your
interested, please talk with Pati or Jackie.

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