Friday, October 7, 2016


Today’s been a day for waiting.  Waited 40 minutes at the lab to have blood drawn for my checkup.  Waited in line at the post office to pay for the newsletter to be mailed.  Then I also waited extra at all the red lights on Hwy. 98 coming in because of the extra folks here from the East side of our state.  Am I complaining?  No, just stating the fact that we are all asked to wait and at any given moment we are usually waiting on something. I remember reading that a child’s ability to wait is a maturity marker. 

With this in mind I consider the waiting we are called to do here at the Center.  We wait on clients who are running late.  We wait on an abortion minded girl to state that she has changed her mind.  We wait to hear about the birth of a baby who has been attending with her mother our classes for many months.  We wait on enough volunteers before going forward with a specific project,  we wait for more clients to serve as a result of that new project, and most importantly we wait on God’s guidance.

I believe when we learn to wait on God and His timing, which is perfect by the way, our faith grows and matures.  So if you are waiting on a decision to be made, a loved one to come to Jesus, an answer to a prayer of many years, we are all in the same waiting boat.  Enjoy the boat ride and let God work.

“Therefore I will look unto the LORD; I will wait for the God of my salvation: my God will hear me”
Micah 7:7

Weekly news:
We have been waiting and praying for the satellite center at the beach to start seeing more women and it looks like our prayers are being answered.  Last week we had two for EWYL classes on Monday evening and the mother who had a pregnancy test on Wednesday  morning  has also signed up for the classes.

Jeanie sat in with Pati on Thursday as she counseled a young woman who voiced that she and her husband are looking for couples counseling.  They signed up for EWYL and he will be attending our father’s classes.  The best part however, was when Jeanie’s eyes glowed as she told about the mother accepting Jesus.  She will be marked for follow-up and their names given to a local church.  God does not only save the babies in this place, He also saves families and lives for eternity.

The newsletter was taken to the post office today and they should be delivered tomorrow.  The Post Office will be closed on Monday because of Columbus Day, but the PRC will be open as usual.

Saturday, November 19, 2016 – Grills Gone Wild at St. Andrews from 3 to 6pm.  Tickets are $10 each and all proceeds are divided for local non-profits. Come support PRC at this event.

Sunday, January 2017 – Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, Please mark your calendar and ask your pastor to call the PRC and request a speaker to share what is being done in the Pro-life arena of Panama City.

Baby Boutique Needs:
·         Size 4 diapers
·         Baby Wipes
·         Baby shampoo, wash, lotion etc.

Center Needs:
·         Receptionist  (Monday afternoon 2-7, and Tuesday 1-4)
·         Nurse (Monday afternoon 2-7)
·         Receptionist and Client Assistant for the Beach Location on Wednesday morning
·         Sanctity of Human Life speaking invitation
·         Sanctity of Human Life callers
·         Returned or New Baby Bottles


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